The future of DeMarcus Cousins, far from the Pelicans?

The New Orleans Pelicans managed to pass a round of 'playoffs' for the first time since 2008. And they did not do it any way, if not sweeping one of the teams that had proved most reliable during the regular season: the Portland Trail Blazers. The whole of Louisiana overcame the serious injury of DeMarcus Cousins immediately rebuilding his project around the figure of Anthony Davis, but with the invaluable collaboration of other actors such as Jrue Holiday, Nikola Mirotic or Rajon Rondo.

Therefore, the future of Cousins is now full of doubts because despite its absence, the Pelicans are getting good results. At 27, the former center of the Sacramento Kings ends contract and will be a free agent without restrictions in summer, so his intention will be to sign a maximum contract with a franchise. In NOLA they had the intention of renewing him, in fact they refused to negotiate any transfer, even risking losing it for nothing. However, the injury and the reaction of the team have made the franchise pose many things. According to Zach Lowe, of ESPN, in New Orelans contemplate the option of offering a contract of two or three years and that is not for the maximum salary.Follow vipvbet freak soccer tips and get the best odds of the day.

The proposal may not suit Cousins at first, but Lowe points out that most of the teams with salary space to offer the maximum would not bet as leader of their project a player who can not guarantee its physical fulfillment until the 2019 campaign. twenty. Before getting injured, Cousins was signing the best season of his career in rebounding (12.9 per game), assists (5.4) and shooting percentage of two (53%) in addition to his third best point-in-point (25, 4).

Continuity on the bench Unlike in the case of 'Hombre del Saco', as regards the coach position, the Pelicans have less doubts. Shortly before the New Orleans players eliminated the Blazers in the playoffs, the franchise informed Alvin Gentry that they will execute the team option they had on him to continue next season in exchange for four million dollars. says Adrian Wojnarowski on ESPN.